Fave Bands?? I really like sticky fingers do any like that x
- Anonymous

sticky fingers + arctic monkeys are probs ultimate favess! but other bands/ singers im in love with are boy and bear, new radicals, the nbhd, loon lake, two door cinema club, the jungle giants, ed sheeran, grimes, yuna, sucre, big scary :) i have so many favourites!

hey taraaaa it's kyra (aka kaivea on insta) hehe just wanted to say hi x
- tyrades

HEY KYRA! hi!!! :D

what's ur next video about?? when will it be up?
- Anonymous

i filmed a quick one yesterday! it’s a surprise but ill try and get it up by tonight or tomorrow :)

- Anonymous

ur funni!!

do you think it's a bad idea to send nudes, even if u trust the person, and ur not showing ur face??
- Anonymous

my personal opinion i wouldnt D:: idk wait isnt it like ‘illegal’ in aus??

trying 2 fix the way i draw l. like eyes, lips, face structures, and just random things. i began adding glitter to everything to actually make it look preety and presentable xx 😍
- ivoryspice

woah i love drawings like that!!! that’s so cool, do you have any photos?? ee glitter is so funky and fun to use!! xxx

- fauxia


Hey! how was your day?
- riseuplilac

HEY! its been fine! im meant to be doing work but no motivation :’(:’( wbu!!!?!?

your blog is my favorite blog out of all the blogs out there!! one time I was sick and I watched a ton of the movies on your movie list and I loveeeed all of them you have such great taste!! you inspire me to dress for myself and not care what other people think :) ps thank you so much for putting a sti fi song in one of your YouTube videos because now they are my favorite band xx
- Anonymous

this is so amazing and youre so amazing and wowoow thank you so much im crying im so flattered that ive inspired you and ahhhhhhhh!!!! thank you for this message!!

STICKY FINGERS ARE MY lIFE I CRY OMG GJDBFSIDGLUGDBJ life goal is to see them play live but all their shows are 18+ omg and theyre at splendour i might pee my pants ahhhh xxxxx

ahh thank u so much! ps. u have the best style and instagram and blog and omg imma just go cry xox
- Anonymous

thats ok! aw omg thank you that literally means so so much to me!!1 no don’t cry!! love you tons xxxxx

LOVE LOVE LOVEEE your insta and tumblr!!! Best feed!! Just wondering if you had any tips on how to get more followers on insta? Just started a new account lucindaa111 ! I have a pathetic amount of followers right now so I understand why people don't want to do sfs ahaha :( keep up the awesome posts babe xoxoxo
- Anonymous

Thanks so much gal!!! 

No 34 followers is so good especially since you just started!! Maybe comment on people’s instagrams, like if you like their picture maybe say that etc and i personally like when people post their own photos, but that’s up to you! um try and promote it on your social media e.g. tumblr. Follow people you know in person. ask people to check out your instagram [dont use a generic message though!] hope that helps!! x

do u have any tips for people wanting to start a fashion blog? xo
- Anonymous

be dedicated! love fashion ofc, umm be able to take photos and post regularly, be motivated :) i cant think of too much but those would probably be the main tips!